Leather gloves Grippy
  • Leather gloves Grippy
  • Leather gloves Grippy
  • Leather gloves Grippy

You will appreciate these sturdy gloves when working with webbing and ropes. They will protect you hands from getting bruises and you will look cool too!



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€ 11.53

Product description

Quality leather gloves sewn with an aramid thread. Reinforced palms and fingers.

Equiped with a loop to put them on easier. Secured with a velcro strap. Open fingers facilitate delicate manipulation with slackline gear. 

We are using these gloves for ages and we are really satisfied with them. Available in sizes M and L

Made in the Czech Republic. 

Data sheet

  • Weight 106 g



By our experience it is clever to invest in proper pair of gloves. Rigging slacklines and highlines is a tough work and cheap gloves usually don't last very long. These leather gloves will last for ages.