Do you ship abroad?

Definitely! We may be a small country in the heart of Europe but we ship abroad quite a lot. The shipping fee is €9 for most European countries. More info about delivery is here or you can simply go to SHIPPING ZONES AND DELIVERY TIMES page.

How do I find out the total price of my order?

The final price for your goods and shipping (where applicable) is shown prior to the order confirmation. We do not charge any additional shipping or packaging fees.

I don’t live in the EU, do you ship outside the EU as well?

Absolutely. If you live outside the EU, you may not be charged 21% VAT but customs and taxes are handled with accordance to your country’s laws. More info about shipping and payment is here.

I need more technical details, like, what’s the best gear, how to set a line etc.

You’ve come to the wrong page, mate :) Check Slackinfo instead.

How much is the customs fee for a non-EU resident?

That we can’t answer as it is subjected to the country’s laws. You should get an advice from your local customs office. International taxes (such as Value Added Tax, or VAT) are set by the destination country and always payed by customer.

How long will the delivery take?

This is a tricky one as delivery date is defined by the destination. Across Europe, it normally takes 1 - 3 working days. To the US, Canada or Australia, the average is 2 - 4 working days. Wanna learn more? For more info check out Shipping zones and delivery times info.

What are the accepted types of payment?

You can pay with card via secure payment gateway or via money transfer. More details can be found here.