1) DPD courier service

Used for EU shipments. To understand terms and conditions as well as to see the price list and delivery dates, check out SHIPPING ZONES AND DELIVERY TIMES.

2) DHL courier service

A DHL service is used for over-seas (non-EU) shipments. This carrier is very fast, reliable and, yes, expensive. To understand terms and conditions as well as to see the price list and delivery dates, check out SHIPPING ZONES AND DELIVERY TIMES.

3) Local Post Service

We use local post services for both EU and over-seas delivery. This option is way cheaper than DHL but it takes longer and there´s no email / sms notification about delivery. You can track your shipment though. Maximum package weight is 2 kgs for this carrier. Check SHIPPING ZONES AND DELIVERY TIMES for more info.


Countries outside the EU: prices are shown without taxes, including customs clearance in the Czech Republic. All other costs in the recipient country, such as import taxes, duty, fees etc. are borne by the customer. We can invoicing without tax for customers outside the EU.

Payment options

1) Bank transfer

Please transfer the payment to this bank account: 1553905015/3030 (EUR) or 1553905023/3030 (CZK) using your order code as a variable symbol (payment ID). Normally, the goods is dispatched once the payment has been received. Please use OUR type payment - it means you´ll pay all transfer charges and we´ll receive all your payment. If you want to avoid this option, please use Payment Gateway payment.

2) Payment Gateway

A safe payment via ThePay payment portal where all card details are transferred via a secure gateway leaving us out completely. The goods is dispatched as soon as the payment has arrived.


Do you not hate reading terms and conditions? So do we and that’s exactly why we encourage you to read the following lines carefully.


  • Just like driving a car or training a horse or opening a can, slackline is life endangering. We cannot be held responsible for any damaged, either on your health or belongings, incurred by doing slackline. We do not assume nor accept any responsibility caused due to the product improper use or due to using damaged products.
  • All slackline gear and products are to be used at the maximum height of 1 meter above the ground, and are not to be used for highline under any circumstances.
  • Every user acts at their own risk; it is thus imperative to use extra caution upon doing slackline, and be sure to read all product instructions and safety warnings enclosed to the products.


  • You can, but are not required to, register at our e-shop. By opening a user account at the e-shop, you will be able to see your order history and will be eligible for first-hand promotion discounts.
  • All prices are 21% VAT inclusive. Right to amend our prices is reserved.
  • If you’re keen to get receive updates, you have to approve so by yourself in your account. We don’t like spam ourselves so why should we spam others?
  • Exchange rate is 1€ = 25 CZK


Should the unpleasant matter of a malfuncitioning product occur, or if you feel dissatisfied with the product, please do get in touch with use. Preferrably via email at Please make sure to inform us about the return prior to shipping it back to our office; sometimes we may resolve the issue remotely. 


Complete terms & conditions can be found here (in Czech only). Our aim is not referring our customers to these terms (and using them as an excuse) but rather trying to handle the situation in the customer’s favour.