Rollex Buckingham System
  • Rollex Buckingham System

Buckingham is highliners' favorite tensioning system due to its light weight and incredible simplicity. Perfect for low-tension lines (3-4 kN tension). Now with Grippen!


  • Pull Pin
  • Quick Pin
  • 3:1
  • 9:1
  • Standard
  • Lite
  • 6 m
  • 12 m
  • 18 m


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Product description

Guess who invented the Buckingham system? Correct, it was Thomas Buckingham, co-founder and current president of the International Slackline Association (ISA) :)

Ingeniously simple system that uses the main webbing itself as a pulley system to tension the line right in the weblock. It reduces the system to bare bones. Only gear you need is: webbing grip (Cito - 50 g), weblock (Mithril - 180 g), pulley (Rollex - 130 g) and a soft release (to detension the line quickly). 

You rig literally any line with Buckingham. You are not limited by the tensioning system length because the actual line works as a pulley system. You can upgrade the basic 3:1 system (with one Rollex) to a more efficient 9:1 system just by adding two more Rollexes. This way you reach about 3-4 kN of tension. 

We recommend to get 6 m of soft release webbing for each 50-80 m of line (depends on the webbing stretch). 

You can also use the soft release to tension the line even more. Leave it stretched to 1-3 meters before rigging and use it as a simple pulley system after you reach maximum tension with the Buckingham. This way you can reach about 4-6 kN, enough to rig a longline in the park. 

There is also a Lite version for those alpine highline projects. Soft release Lite and a Soft Ring with a soft shackle instead of classic 12 mm steel shackle. You save about 50% weight compared to the Standard version. 

Wheter you are a highliner or you just want to have the line at hand all the time, Buckingham is the way to go ;) 

Standard version:

- classic soft release with sewn loop and velcro strap

- weblock Mithril PP/QP

- webbing grip Grippen

- pulley carabiner Rollex

- shackle Omega 12

in 9:1 version you find extra:

- 2x Rollex

- linelocker

- 45cm sewn sling

Lite version:

soft release Lite with sewn loop and velcro strap

- weblock Mithril PP/QP

- webbing grip Grippen

- pulley carabiner Rollex

- 6 mm soft shackle

- Soft Ring

in 9:1 version you find extra:

- 2x Rollex


- 45cm sewn sling


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