Static rope 8 mm
  • Static rope 8 mm
  • Static rope 8 mm

This rope was developed for demanding conditions of sea yachting but it works perfect in slackline applications as well. Very low stretch and high durability. 

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Product description

8 mm static rope is a perfect choice for ultralight pulley systems. It has lower weight and packs more compact than classic 9-11 mm ropes. 

It is made of 100% polyester which lowers its stretch to minimum and make rigging much faster and more effective than with standard static ropes (that are made of nylon). 

There is a sewn eye at one end of the rope so you can attach it to a pulley without making knots. The stitches are protected by a plastic cover that makes them last forever. 

Simply said, this is a lightweight and compact rope that you will fall in love with instantly. Made in the Czech Republic indeed. 

Data sheet

  • Thickness 8 mm
  • Weight 52 g
  • Breaking Strength 13 kN