Soft Release Lite
  • Soft Release Lite

Soft release webbing with sewn loop and velco strap. Available in length 6, 12 and 18 meters. Light version. 



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Product description

Soft release (as the name tells :)) is used to release a slackline (rigged by a soft-point system, such as "Buckingham" etc.). Basically it is a piece of webbing wrapped 5-6 times between two shackles (or carabiners, shackle + weblock etc.). Loose end of the webbing is secured with two safety knots. To detension the main line you have to untie the knots and let the webbing release slowly. It is necessary to hold the soft telease webbing in hand all the time. 

Our soft releases are equipped with a double sided velcro strap that is used to hold the webbing together while instaling the soft release or while tying / untying the knot. The velcro must NOT be used as the only way to secure the loose end of soft release !

Doubled sewn loop is attached on the shckle side. It eliminates the danger of unscrewing the shackle while detensioning the main line. 

Soft release Lite is made of lightweight Slim webbing and is optimal for a loose highline or for traveling. Its breaking trength is 40 kN (with 6 wraps) and WLL is 6 kN

It is available in lengths 6 m, 12 m and 18 m. The length depends on used webbing, you can find a chart below. 

Data sheet

  • Weight 210/390/560 g
  • WLL 6 kN
  • Breaking Strength 40 kN
  • Material polyester