System components Micron Base 3:1
  • System components Micron Base 3:1
  • System components Micron Base 5:1
  • Micro with Pirat weblock
  • Pulley Micro with Faun rope brake
  • Multiplier 3:1
  • Longline

Basic version of a new compact and super light pulley system Micron - substitutes previous system Minima



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Product description

EQB Micron is the newest version of our specialized slackline pulley system. 

Micron Base configuration substitutes previous pulley system Minima - it is a double pulley system with a 3:1 or 5:1 multiplier. 

Micron is built around a super light 6 mm dyneema core rope (25 g/m) which is more than 50% lighter than previous rope. You can also get more affordable version with polyester rope. The new rope brake Faun has optimized geometry for easy handling and releasing even under higher loads. 

On top of that, Micron is also modular - it is possible to extend it (make it more efficient) according to current needs. In reality it means you can take just the Base version to rig a shorter line in the park but you can combine the gear with your friend to create a workhorse for a mega longline project.  

Micron Base version (mechanical advantage 5:1) is suitable for rigging lines up to about 100 m long / 8 kN tension. Choice of multiplier (additional pulleys) depends on whether you prefer rigging alone or with friends. For a solo longliner we recommend getting the Double (5:1) - rigging is much easier. If you like to workout during tensioning :) or you often rig the line with some friends, the Mono version (3:1) will be enough. 

Rope length 25 meters is enough to rig a 100-120 m longline (low-stretch PES webbing - EQB Candy, Skye 2 etc.). To rig a longer or more stretchy line (PAD - Ocean, ..) you will need 50 meter rope. 

It is possible to get the Double Loop sling to make rigging easier - you clip the carabiner into the static rope and wrap the sling around your wrists so you can pull with your whole body. 

Micron is compatible with standard 10 and 12 mm shackles. Of course you can attach the sling style (2-pin) weblock directly (eg. EQB Mithril). 

Micron Pulley system was designed, tested and manufactured in the Czech Republic. 


  • 2x double pulley Micro 

ball bearings provide high efficiency in high tension over 6 kN

high strength bolts, MBS 40 kN, WLL 8 kN

  • 6 mm static rope

with a sewn loop, professional dyneema core rope designed for use in pulley systems (MBS 18 kN, 25 g/m) 

or light polyester rope

  • rope brake EQB Faun 

easy releasing even under high load, specially designed for 6 mm ropes

  • 2x 6mm stainless steel shackle
  • 5mm vectran core prusik sling 

vectran core provides excelent strength to weight ratio

  • single pulley Mono 

compact and lightweight pulley for 3:1 multiplier, ball bearing construction for high efficiency, comes with a mini aluminium keylock carabiner

  • double pulley Double

with extra carabiner and prusik (multiplier 5:1 - Double) - compact and lightweight pulley for 5:1 multiplier, ball bearing construction for high efficiency


Data sheet

  • Rope Type Polyester / Dyneema
  • Weight 1150 - 2100 g
  • WLL 7 / 8 kN
  • Breaking Strength 36 / 40 kN



You can rig a 100 m line easily with Micron. We recommend using a 5:1 Double multiplier which makes rigging much easier. If you want even more efficiency, check the Micron Plus version.