Walking the line is for most people an entirely new kind of motion. The most important thing in the beginning is a strong detrmination and will not to give up after first unsuccesful tries. Following reccomendations will help you get through first steps faster :)

  • Do not look under your feet. You will get better stability by looking on one specific point at the end of the line. 
  • Learn to stay on the line in basic position - slightly bend your knees, put your hands above your head, hold your back straight. 
  • Try to balance with hands and hips, your head and chest should remain still without moving. 
  • It is helpful to lower your centre when the line suddenly starts swinging. This stabilizes your body, you will get the balance again and your legs will be able to equilibrate the swings.
  • Use all your muscles to stay on the line. Try to balance as long as possible, only this way you will be able to achieve quick progress and strenghten your body. 
  • Begin with basic trick as soon as possible. Try to sit-start, sit down, turn around and walk backwards will improve your skill much faster than just walking the line regular way. 
  • You can get the best experience by group sessions with your friends , they can teach you new tricks and skills. 
  • Slackline is a social thing :) 

Soňa on the line, Ostrov, Tisá