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Lama Portal is a freestanding frame to attach your hangboard, micro crimps, slopers, whatever suits your training. Basically it is a portable doorframe :) 


Product description

Most climbers put their hangboard above the door in the living room. 

But if you don't want to drill in the wall? You don't own the apartment, the wall is not strong enough or you just don't want to work out in the living room? 

Lama Portal is a freestanding folding structure that you can put literally anywhere. In the garage, balcony, porch or in the office. Let's see if you can do more pull-ups than your colleague.

We deliver the Portal disassembled (IKEA style) but assembly is pretty straight forward. All fasteners are included in the package, you only need an extra M10 wrench (size 17) and a 5mm allen key

Assembled Portal takes 90x115 cm of floor space (depth x width) and it is about 240 cm high (it fits every room with standard ceiling height). You can fold the frame in half the depth in a few seconds. 

The main board is 75 cm wide, 35 cm high and is made of 24 mm baltic birch ply wood. You can attach your favorite hangboard (eg. our Totem :)) and micro crimps on one side and some slopers and pinches to the other side. Check our wooden holds offering, you might find something to suit your training. 

There is a foot rest between tha back legs. It stiffens the whole structure and you can use it for your feet to train on small edges - too small to hang them with your full weight. 

You can put an eye nut to one of the connecting steel pates - ideal place to have your chalk bag always at hand. 

Stojan Portál se dá jednoduše rozšířit o Campus modul. Dost kompaktní na to, abys ho ještě nemusel nikam kotvit, zároveň dost velký na sadu 5 campusových lišt. 

Portal frame can be easily upgraded with a Campus module. Compact enough so it is still freestanding, big enough for a set of 5 campus rungs with proper spacing. 

Lama Portal will take you to the future of a stronger yourself. 

(In the price only separate construction is included. Hangboard(s) and holds are not included.)

Data sheet

  • Width 90 cm
  • Height 240 cm
  • Depth 115 cm
  • Material wood :)



The structure is 90 cm deep (front to back). You can "fold" it by loosening 2 screws and lean it against the wall or just leave it standing. It takes half the space when folded so you can put the Portal in smaller rooms where a fixed frame wouldn't fit.

The truth is portable frames are not as stable as a pull-up bar bolted to a wall (they cannot be). When you hang on the Portal and put your weight on it, the frame is absolutelly stable. Totally sufficient for hangs and pull-ups. It is possible to use additional bracing for dynamic campus-like moves if you want to (we use such bracing with the add-on Campus module).