Zen De Luxe
  • Zen De Luxe
  • Zen DE LUXE Longline Kit 60/80 M
  • Zen DE LUXE Longline Kit 60/80 M
  • Zen DE LUXE Longline Kit 60/80 M
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Zen De Luxe is an the most powerful version of our best selling longline kit. 3x Rollex carabiner makes the system easier to use and more efficient. 

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Product description

We designed the Zen De Luxe kit for longline enthusiasts. Utilizing 3x Rollex carabiner (basically a webbing pulley made specifically for slacklining) it has all the components to rig a longline up to 80 meters long. 

Tandem De Luxe is basically a pulley system that uses light webbing pulley instead of rope. There is an integrated miniature weblock in the Tandem so anchoring and pretensioning is just a matter of minutes. 

EQB Zen De Luxe with 60 or 80 m SKYE2 webbing with sewn loops on both sides (so you can later extend your longline using another piece of webbing and a soft shackle). 

The advantage of Zen De Luxe over Zen Pro version is even higher rigging efficiency (5:1 vs. 3:1 multiplier). If you are often rigging a longline by yourself and you don't want to work out too much, then the De Luxe version is a perfect match for you ;) Treepad is not included.

Designed, tested, and made with no compromise in the Czech Republic.

Zen PRO kit includes:

  • 60/80 m SKYE2 webbing with sewn loops
  • 20/30 m tensioning webbing Slim
  • tensioning system Tandem De Luxe (with 3 Rollexes)
  • 1x shackle Omega 10 mm
  • 1x shackle Omega 12 mm
  • 2x 200 cm spanset


Data sheet

  • Width 25 mm
  • Weight 6100 g
  • Length 60 / 80 m
  • WLL 6 kN
  • Breaking Strength 25 kN



Pulley system is an amazing thing, no argument here. The Zen set however allows tensioning to a fair distance without spending too much on your gear. On the top of that, Tandem weight is so low hardly any pulley system could compete with that.

Due to absence of slackline legal regulations, no manufacturer including ourselves is allowed to say their products are suitable for highline. Products with breaking strength above 30 kN are commonly used in highline however it is imperative to familiarise yourself with all safety measurements as well as to be experienced enough before taking such steps.

The classic Zen kit uses just a steel ring instead of Rollex. It is cheaper but not as efficient to rig the line. Zen De Luxe kit with 3 Rollexes utilizes ball bearing rolls which makes tensioning much easier.