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  • Grippen Purple & Blue
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  • Grippen Purple & Blue
  • EQB Grippen in da action!
  • EQB Grippen in da action!
  • EQB Grippen in da action!

With weight of just 80 grams and MBS 15 kN, Grippen is the perfect softpointing tool for all your ultralight highline and longline projects.


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Product description

Grippen is a new and lighter version of a "linegrip" made by EQB. It is super tiny (60 mm long) and ultralight (weighs only 80 grams !!). It is so tiny it fits in your pocket!

It works the best for rigging highlines and longlines with a "Buckingham" tensioning system (using a line grabbing device and a webbing pulley). 

When designing the Grippen we kept in mind increasing the strength, because some grips on the market do not have enough strength to rig the longlines. And we think that with 15 kN of MBS we did the job!

Grippen uses 4 mm dyneema rope to transfer the clamping force on the webbing. You can use any pulley carabiner to create Buckingham rigging system (we recommend our Rollex). Just make a girth hitch (see pictures above) and clip the Rollex through. 

It has WLL 6 kN (enough for most lines you need to rig) and breaking strength of 15 kN


- material: anodised aluminium 7075

- Vibram rubber sheet

- spliced 4mm dyneema rope

Made in the Czech Republic by EQB


Data sheet

  • Weight 80 g
  • WLL 6 kN
  • Breaking Strength 15 kN
  • Inner width 27 mm



No way! Grippen can be used only to tension, not to anchor the webbing. The Grippen has to be removed from the system and the line has to be anchored in a weblock before anyone getting on the line. We recommend using EQB Mithril, that allows you to detension the line very quickly and easily after your slackline session.