Set Step
  • Set Step
  • Perfect buddy for your first steps on slackline
  • Packed in handy paper box.

We all had to begin somewhere. You can try the Step kit that has been designed to help with the very first steps on a slackline.

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Product description

The Step is the entrance to the slackline world; 35 mm wide webbing is a reasonable compromise between classic 25 mm and 50 mm wide webbings.

Low weight and compact package make it convenient to pack with you for a trip or spare afternoon in a park.

The webbing life-span is extended by the steel shackle mounting making the kit last as good as new much longer.

The EQB Step kit was designed, tested, and made in the Czech Republic.


Data sheet

  • Length 10 + 2 m
  • Width 35 mm
  • Weight 1570 g
  • WLL 5 kN



The Step is designed for the very first slackline steps only. Small ratchet included in the set would not withstand tensioning a longer webbing. If you are keen on learning how to begin with slackline, check our Slack Info page.

The Step is ideal for beginners, skinny folks and kids alike. It is far better for adults to use a set with a solid ratchet capable of edging the webbing tension. Check out the Trick set.