EQB TreePad
  • EQB TreePad
  • Treepad in action!
  • Treepad in action!

A must for every slackliner. Because tree is your friend! Two pieces in packaging.

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Product description

TreePad is a perfect tool to protect tree bark and anchoring slings. Simple yet functional design.

200 cm length and 12 cm width is optimal size for most trees or other anchor points (maximum 60 cm in diameter).

Fixation system with 4 velcro straps enables to attach a sling or spanset to TreePad before putting any tension on the slackline which makes the rigging process much faster and simpler.

A kit includes 2 pieces of TreePad.

Data sheet

  • Length 200 cm
  • Width 15 cm
  • Weight 350 g / 2 pcs
  • Material PP



Sure, it is possible to use any carpet (or other strong fabric) to protect the tree. Advantage of TreePad are 4 velcro straps, that fix the anchoring sling to a tree before applying tension on the line.