Quicklink Oval 10 mm
  • Quicklink Oval 10 mm

Allround connector used for tensioning and anchoring slackline.


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Product description

Oval steel quicklink is designed for 2-axis load and is mostly used to connect different parts inside a tensioning system. Thanks to its screw lock it is almost impossible to open it under tension.

Size 10 mm has 11 kN working load limit and 55 kN breaking strength.

Made in France.

Data sheet

  • Weight 137 g
  • WLL 11 kN
  • Breaking Strength 55 kN
  • Opening size 12 mm



It is possible to use 10 mm quicklink in systems, that don't exceed 11 kN of tension. For tighter lines we recommend to use a bigger quicklink or ideally a 10 or 12mm stainless steel shackle.