Quicklink Oval Twist 10 mm
  • Quicklink Oval Twist 10 mm

Special connector for rigging and anchoring slacklines


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Product description

Steel oval twisted quicklink is a special connector used to rig and anchor slackline. Its shape makes it perfect to bear a 2-axis load so it is mostly used to connect different parts inside of a pulley system (eg. rope brake and a pulley).

Thanks to it screw lock it is almost impossible to open it under tension.

Made in France.

Data sheet

  • Weight 152 g
  • WLL 10 kN
  • Breaking Strength 50 kN
  • Opening size 12 mm


You will gain the same effect (turning by 90°), using 2 quicklinks instead of one Twist, but a Twist quicklink is lighter, cheaper and also more compact solution (which comes in handy especially when used inside a pulley system, where each centimeter counts).