Shackle D Twist 10 mm
  • Shackle D Twist 10 mm

Professional twisted shackle made of stainless steel. Used to attach components inside the pulley system. 


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Product description

Special twisted stainless steel shackle that saves space. This type of shackle is mostly used to connect individual parts inside of the pulley system (rope brake and pulleys). 

Inner width is 20 mm.

Data sheet

  • Weight 132 g
  • WLL 10 kN
  • Breaking Strength 40 kN
  • Inner width 20 mm


You will gain the same effect (turning by 90°), using 2 straight shackles instead of one Twist, but a Twist shackle is lighter, cheaper and also more compact solution (which comes in handy especially when used inside a pulley system, where each centimeter counts).