EQB Alien
  • EQB Alien

Alien was designed specially for anchoring and rigging slacklines. Nothing is missing, nothing is superfluous.


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Product description

Rigging plate Alien is made high-strength aluminium alloy (7075 T6) which guarantees maximum tensile strength and very low weight at the same time. 

Alien is designed for anchoring a double pulley (sheave size up to 3 inches) and a rope brake or a pair of double pulleys to make a basic pulley system with mechanical advantage of 9:1. Alien can be used ro rig lines up to 16 kN of tension / 150 m long, or for longer lines when doubled.

Alien was made in the Czech Republic.

Data sheet

  • Weight 257 g
  • WLL 16 kN
  • Breaking Strength 100 kN



Quatron is designed the way no rigging plate is needed to attach the rope brake. Alien is very helpful when using classic double pulleys (such as Singing Rock double pulley).