Spanset 2t
  • Spanset 2t
  • Spanset 2t

2tonner is an extremely strong and durable anchoring sling that is literally bomb-proof



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Product description

2ton WLL spanset is an extremely strong and durable anchoring sling made for the most demanding longline and highline projects longer than 150 m.

Thanks to its construction (inner nylon fibers that are protected by outer polyester sleeve) the spanset has minimal stretch, high strength and mechanical resistance.

Several spansets can be connected together with a knot or steel shackle so you can always make any length you need.

With a bit of overstatement we can say, that this spanset is undestructable.

Data sheet

  • Weight 893 / 1600 g
  • WLL 20 kN
  • Breaking Strength 140 kN



From all slackline disciplines, tricklines see the most tension. Considering safety, we recommend to use green 2ton spansets for any trickline longer than 20 m.