EQB LeashRing
  • EQB LeashRing
  • EQB LeashRing
  • EQB LeashRing
  • EQB LeashRing

Lightweight high-strength leash ring made of aluminium alloy with polished surface


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Product description

Aluminium alloy ring. Perfectly smooth surface and big diameter (60 mm) ensure effortless sliding on the webbing. These rings can also be used to make a multiplier on basic tensioning systems, such as Ellington, Tandem etc. 

We recommend to use a dynamic or static rope at least 10 mm of diameter to create a highline leash, ideally threaded through 20 mm tubular webbing (eg. EQB Bounce). It is essential to use 2 rings for a leash. Never use only one ring!

Not PSA certified, not certificate for highline. Always use it at your own risk.

Data sheet

  • Weight 51 g
  • Breaking Strength 35 kN
  • Material dural
  • Inner Diameter 60 mm
  • Outer Diameter 80 mm