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Sumo is yet another (literally longer) leap in the longliner’s career. Its strength of over 4 tons and very low stretch is what makes it a perfect option for tensioning lines longer than 150 m. (Price for meter. Specify the required length.)

Product description

A true polyester higher-weight webbing. Low stretch makes highline tensioning easier; rounded edges make walking as well as falling more comfortable. A solid multi-layer design guarantees maximum safety.

3.8mm webbing width, smooth rounded edges, and high webbing strength destine Sumo for highline, too. White edges make it easier to visualise your path, each side’s dual-colour set allows for quick twist detection when tensioning.

Sumo’s higher weight is also perfect for longline training as it excercises the right muscles; there’s also room to learn the right technique more quickly than if you used lighter webbings. Sumo will let you go farther.

It was designed, tested and made in the Czech Republic.

Data sheet

  • Width 25 mm
  • Thickness 3,8 mm
  • Weight 82 g/m
  • WLL 14 kN
  • Breaking Strength 40 kN
  • Elongation 5% / 10 kN
  • Material Polyester (PES)


How to chose a pulley system?


Sure, it’s perfectly fine to use Sumo even for shorter lines but due to its lower stretch, swinging may not be as dynamic as you would experience with other webbings such as Neon or Dragon. But if a properly strung line is what you’re after, then sure, Sumo could be the right choice for you.