EQB T-Loop
  • EQB T-Loop
  • EQB T-Loop

Custom made sewn T-loop end for 25mm webbing. We also sew on your own webbing.


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Product description

Custom made sewn loop end - perfect for every longline or highline. Allows you to use less weblocks and make your setup even lighter (and cheaper!).

- reinforced polyamid sleeve, sewn with high-end polyester threat. Sewn by our skilful colleague Theresa :)

- webbing shortening: about 50 cm (count with it and order appropriate length).

- matching connectors: all bow / D shackles or maillon rapide with internal width > 25 mm. 

If you want sewn loop at both ends of your webbing, simply add two "Sewn Loops" to your shopping cart. You can also specify your requirements in order note or you can simple order webbing of your choise with reinforced sewn loops at both end.

Safety warnings:

Custom sewn loops can not be considered as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). There is no certification for slackline / highline sport and we can not recommend this product for highline.

We tested sewn loops only internally on our tensile testing machine - no official stregth protocol available. You are using sewn loops at your own risk. Always use backup, always double check all components before use.  

Do not use sewn loops around the tree.

Manufacturing time: 1-2 working days. 

Webbing specifications:

Name Webbing BS* Loop BS* Weight Material Elongation
NEON 20 kN 15 kN 47 g/m Polyester 9 % at 10 Kn
DRAGON 30 kN 25 kN 64 g/m Polyester 6 % at 10 kN
OCEAN 27 kN 25 kN 53 g/m Polyamid 12 % at 10 kN
ELEMENT 20 kN 17 kN 43 g/m Polyamid 16 % at 10 kN
SKYE2 31 kN 25 kN 59 g/m Polyester 4 % at 10 kN
CANDY 36 kN 32 kN 61 g/m Polyester 3 % / 10 kN

* BS = Breaking Strength


Data sheet

  • Width ≈ 27 mm
  • Breaking Strength ≈ 85 % of webb. MBS
  • Loop Length ≈ 8 cm


Sure, please feel free to send us your own webbing. We´ll be happy to make sewn loop(s) for you. Contact us via email and we´ll arrange the details.