EQB Dragon 50 m
  • EQB Dragon 50 m
  • EQB Dragon 50 m + 2x sewn loop (small defects)
  • EQB Dragon 50 m
  • EQB Dragon 50 m + 2x sewn loop (small defects)

With gentle adjustments, Dragon has been around for years. Solid 50 metres and reinforced sewn loop on the line end saves tensioning time.

Webbing has small defect(s) - see the picture, it has no effect on the webbing strength.

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Product description

Capable of withstanding 3 ton strength, the Dragon line is an essential for setting a real longline project. Multi-layer polyester fibres design provides sufficient strength and lower stretch making the tensioning system less demanding in terms of length.

Elegant double-colour design will make discovering warped lines easier which you’ll appreciate especially in difficult tensioning conditions such as waterline or highline. The blue webbing side is designed to minimise reflections in sunny days, the green neon side is there to make your walking easier in hazy days.

Reinforced sewn loop saves tensioning time and reduces the volume of gear needed to carry with you. 

The Dragon webbing is made in the Czech Republic.

Data sheet

  • Length 50 m
  • Width 25 mm
  • Thickness 2,5 mm
  • Weight 3200 g
  • WLL 9 kN
  • Breaking Strength 28 kN
  • Elongation 6% / 10 kN
  • Material Polyester (PES)



Although our team use Dragon for highline, due to absence of legal norms in the slackline world (highline in particular), no produced including ourselves are allowed to recommend any product for highline. Besides that, it is imperative to familiarise with all safety precautions, and to have sufficient tensioning experience. We also recommend taking some highline course.

We cannot recommend that. Though certified sewing machines and threads are used to sew our webbings, woven eyes are never used for highlining. If you’re keen to rig a highline, we strongly recommend learning the rules from someone experienced first.