LineGrip G5 (SBR) Obsidian
  • LineGrip G5 (SBR) Obsidian
  • LineGrip G5 (SBR) Obsidian

Ultimate tool for advanced rigging systems. Allows to use one tensioning system on multiple lines. New G5 version with Spring-Ball-Retainer.

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Product description

There is probably no need to introduce the LineGrip any more. It stands for a very handy rigging tool that allows you to "softpoint" the line (remove the rigging system out of the slackline). 

The new generation G5 is even easier and safer to use, more versatile and reliable, lighter, tougher and better looking too than all its predecessors. Packed with a load of innovations, the most remarkable being the large oval anchoring eye and the ever lasting dyneema plate tether cord, effectively rounded off by the new Type-3 rubber coatings with stunning properties. 

From now on the LineGrip comes with an installed loose clamping plate retainer clip. This simple little clip will secure the loose clamping plate from unlatching in any situation, which comes in handy especially when rigging a highline or waterline.


The retainer, or more specifically, the “plate retainer”, is the mechanism, that secures the loose clamping plate from inadvertently unlatching, which would send the lineGrip falling off the line.

When there’s a load at the load eye, this is not an issue, for the hooks are closed. Hanging free, however, the hooks open and a shaking line could cause the plate to unlatch.

Inadvertent unlatching could also occur, when repositioning the lineGrip, if no retainer is installed.


Data sheet

  • Weight 427 g
  • WLL 15 kN
  • Inner width 26 mm



No way! Linegrip can be used only to tension, not to anchor the webbing. The Linegrip has to be removed from the system and the line has to be anchored in a weblock before anyone getting on the line. We recommend using EQB Sheriff FX, that allows you to detension the line very quickly and easily after your slackline session.