EQB Sheriff FX
  • EQB Sheriff FX
  • EQB Sheriff FX
  • EQB Sheriff FX
  • EQB Sheriff FX
  • EQB Sheriff FX

Why do it hard when you can take it easy? Kill two flies with one Sheriff; both line locking and securing release webbing at the same time. The laws of balance are in Sheriff’s hands now. So to speak.


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Product description

Sheriff FX is not just a standard weblock. Its complex design allows simultaneous locking of both the main and release webbings. That makes Sheriff extra-useful especially when tensioning with Linegrip.

Just like Bandit, Sheriff is a lightweight weblock that can be used almost anywhere - from longline to highline to waterline in a variety of lengths but always up to 120 m / 12 kN load. More than 7 years on the market, the first ones were developed in 2010, has proven their design and used materials such as high quality screws, stainless steel or aluminium to provide safety ratio of 5:1.

The “soft release” feature:

Any non sewn-eye webbing can be used with the soft release by mounting it to the Sheriff’s rear axle eliminating the danger of melting the webbing. This is especially common with standard eye-featured soft-releasers. We highly recommend turning the soft release at least six times. 

The releasing webbing can also be used to tension the main line up to approx. 3 kN / 30m long line. The process is then reversed.

Releasing webbing must be always secured with at least two knots or by another corresponding and reliable way. We don’t blame you if you find this description too complicated, so check the video or instructions. That should make it clear.

Sheriff FX was designed, tested and made in the Czech Republic.


Data sheet

  • Weight 326 g
  • WLL 12 kN
  • Breaking Strength 60 kN
  • Inner width 26 mm



Quite the opposite, actually, Sheriff installation is in fact beneficial when combined with Linegrip. The soft release makes it easier to set the line properly without unnecessary line over-tension before the pulley system is released with Linegrip. But most importantly, you don't need to use the pulley system and Linergrip again to detension the line which saves both time and effort.

The sewn eye is exposed to huge attrition and enormous pressure while releasing the line which could, especially with longer lines, lead to its melting or even tearing the eye apart! You probably can imagine how dangerous that could be, right? But the Sheriff’s design allows mounting the soft release to separate axles preventing any melting.