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EQB Ocean is a high-stretch webbing with soft edges. Ideal highline and freestyle companion for bouncy sessions. 


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Product description

Add custom sewn loop to your webbing or simply pick 50m Ocean webbing with sewn loop on both ends for discounted price!

You will be impressed by Ocean. Lightweight high-stretch webbing you will fall in love with. 

Its "core/sheath/edge" weave makes it one of the most modern webbings on the market (with soft edges that remain soft even after tensioning). 

Double colour design helps to reveal twists while rigging a highline. Due to its low weight (53 g/m) you will barely feel the line under your feet. 

On top of that, Ocean has super soft weave and is highly packable. That makes it ideal as a travel line as well. 

Ocean is made in EU.

Data sheet

  • Width 25 mm
  • Thickness 2,8 mm
  • Weight 53 g/m
  • WLL 6 kN
  • Breaking Strength 27 kN
  • Elongation ≈ 12 % at 10 kN
  • Material Polyamide (PAD)


You can use Ocean for a lognline for sure but you have to consider its higher stretch. With 12% stretch at 10 kN you will have to find a dip or use a proper pulley system to achieve enough tension. We recommend to rig lines up to 60 m as a longline (with reasonable anchor height). There is no such restriction on a highline, it is quite the opposite, you will appreciate Ocean especially on bigger lines.