Quicklink Delta 10 mm
  • Quicklink Delta 10 mm

Allround connector used to rig and anchor slackline systems.


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Product description

Steel Delta quicklink has ideal construction for a 3-axis load and is mostly used to connect a slackline system with an anchoring sling. 

Another use for Delta quicklink is a simple weblock (in combination with LockPin) for 20 - 35 mm wide webbing. 

Thanks to its screw lock it is almost impossible to unlock it under tension.

Made in France.

Data sheet

  • Weight 153 g
  • WLL 9 kN
  • Breaking Strength 45 kN
  • Opening size 12 mm


Quicklinks in general are not ideal to work with Minima and Quatron. They load only outer sideplates of the pulley, which lowers the system's strength. The best is to use stainless steel shackles size 10 or 12 mm (attached to the pulley with the pin, not the bow).