Shackle D 8 mm stainless steel
  • Shackle D 8 mm stainless steel

8 mm shackle comes handy to attach the rope or rope brake to the pulley system. Or as a key pendant :) 


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Product description

Small 8mm stainless steel shackle with 625 kg WLL. Ideal to attach the rope or rope brake (Petzl Grigri, Rig etc.) to a pulley system. You can also use it to mount the multiplier, tie off the soft release webbing or any other appliacation, where the shackle is not loaded by 100% tension of the main system. 

Inner width is 17 mm.

Data sheet

  • Weight 61 g
  • WLL 6.25 kN
  • Breaking Strength 25 kN
  • Inner width 17 mm



This shackle has WLL of about 6 kN, so if you don't exceed this tension, you can use it in that way. In reality this means rigging about 30 m line with minimum 1 meter of sag. You have to take into consideration its inner width of 17 mm, so you will need a weblock compatible with this shackle, eg. EQB Bandit FX.