Shackle D 10 mm stainless steel
  • Shackle D 10 mm stainless steel

10mm shackle is a lightweight connector, ideal for anchoring lines up to about 100 m long. Saves weight in your backpack.


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Product description

Shackle size 10 mm is an allround connector for rigging lines up to 100 m long / 10 kN of tension. It is ideal connector for Bandif FX weblock - together they weight only about 330 grams! It also can be used to attach rigging systems Tandem FX and Minima FX to an anchor point. We do not recommend to use 10 mm shackle on a highline. 

Inner width is 21 mm

Data sheet

  • Weight 118 g
  • WLL 10 kN
  • Breaking Strength 40 kN
  • Inner width 21 mm



We recommend to use a 12 mm stainless steel shackle for safety reasons. Anchoring elements for a highline should be little bit oversized so there is enough safety margin.