Slackline Board
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  • Slackline Board
  • Slackline Board
  • Slackline Board

Are you running out of ideas to get your kids away from phones and tablets? Get them a SLACKLINE board! 

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Product description

Strengthen your whole body in a fun way. Exercise while you play; whether you're looking to improve your balance skills, strengthen your core or simply looking for a fun form of exercise.

The Slackline Board is a balancing aid that is guaranteed to give you even more fun and effective exercise in a playful way.

The Slackline Board's sturdy construction and carefully selected materials guarantee maximum stability and safety during every workout.

What's the best part? No assembly required. Just unpack and get started!

The main benefits of the SLACKLINE board:

1. Combines fun and fitness.

2. Robust construction and high-quality materials ensure safety while you exercise.

3. Workout flexibility: You can use it anywhere - at home, outdoors, at the gym.

4. It improves fitness and posture: Regular exercise on the SLACKLINE board will strengthen your mid-body and improve your posture.

5. Stylish and functional design. It is the perfect addition to your home or fitness center. 

The SLACKLINE board comes in four designs.

- Made of laminated wood, material beech

- The finish complies with EN71,  3 (on the safety of children's toys)

- Load capacity: 110 kg

- Dimensions: 28 x 110 cm

Made in the Czech Republic