Sewn anchor sling 200 cm
  • Sewn anchor sling 200 cm
  • Sewn anchor sling 200 cm
  • Sewn anchor sling 200 cm

Lightweight sewn 200 cm sling is ideal to anchor shorter lines up to 50 m long


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Product description

200 cm sewn anchoring sling is used to attach slackline to a tree or another anchoring point. It is made of 3 ton polyester webbing Dragon. This sling can be used to anchor lines up to about 40 m long / 5 kN of tension.

Sewn sling is not certified and it can be used only low above the ground. Always use certified spansets (industrial heavy duty slings) when rigging a highline. 

Data sheet

  • Length 200 cm
  • Width 25 mm
  • Weight 250 g
  • WLL 5 kN
  • Breaking Strength 40 kN



It is essential to use spansets (industrial heavy duty slings with sturdy construction and sufficient safety factor) to rig tricklines, longlines or highlines. 1ton spansets are usually strong enough for longline and highline, we recommend to use 2ton spansets to rig a trickline.