There are so many different slackline kits on the market, who’s supposed to know all of that? The following article is here to help you choose the right kit for your needs.

At the first place, you need to know why you want to buy a slackline :)

How to choose a beginner slackline kit:

If you’re looking to try out slackline without spending a fortune on it (or just wanna get a line for kids), we think EQB Step 12m will do the trick. It’s light-weight, compact and easy to use. The downside is that if you really get into slackline, you’ll have gotten bored by it fairly quickly and you’ll need something longer. Step is not quite suitable for big slackliners too; the little ratchet can rig the line under a relatively low tension.

But if you’re already past your first slackline steps and you seek after something more advanced, we recommend EQB Balance or EQB Trick; both sets are very similar and the difference really lies only in width and ductility. The Trick webbing is a bit wider (50mm) and is tougher and more suitable for complete beginners. Balance, on the other hand, is a bit more ductile 25mm-wide line which gives one the right “slack” feeling.

Yoga is a perfect way to clean your head and stretch your body. Same as slackline! EQB Yoga kit combines these two activities in one and offers a simple way to get inside yourself really deep. Soft, Handy bag included.

For your slacksline adventures, always use tree bark protection - Treepad, because tree is your friend! 

How to choose a beginner slackline kit (video):

How to choose advanced slackline kit:

More advanced slackliners (and sworn anti-ratchet folks), could appreciate EQB Slacker 30m that is tensioned via Ellington (primitive system) using two steel carbins. The entire set is lighter and more compact that the ratchet ones but requires some technical knowledge and skill. The Slacker set is a fantastic travel companion.

How to choose a professional slackline kit:

Longline beginners will appreciate EQB Zen that comes in either 35m50m and 60m. Zen is tensioned using unique Tandem pulley system which is a combination of a tensioning system and a 25mm weblock. Tandem’s lightweight makes it a great travel companion that, with its strength, will do the trick for both longline and highline alike.

If you are looking for a serious longline stuff, check the Zen Pro and Zen De Luxe kits. Both kits are rigged with the Tandem system, nothing new, but aditionelly Rollex pulley is included and that means higher efficiency of the whole system. Rigging 100m longline is not a problem with Zen De Luxe kit! Besides, Zen De Luxe is probably the cheapest 100m longline kit, worldwide!

Tandem FX

Don’t forget to check out Phoenix and Pegas. Tensioning is done using Minima FX and Quatron FX rope pulley system, Bandit FX and Canon FX weblocks, and Dragon and Sumo lines. From this moment on, these names are your guides.

Trickline must not be forgotten; EQB Rabbit set offers a perfect configuration to do the craziest tricks. 25m of Nitro 2 super-dynamic line set utilising the Booster system is exactly what the world championship lads and lassies use. No compromise here!

usage of slackline kits according line length

usage of slackline kits according line length

usage of slackline kits according discipline

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